If I had to describe myself with one word it would be artist - a visual artist and an artist with words. My artwork is included in Ohio Online Visual Arts Registry. I'm working with various galleries in the Midwest to promote my oil paintings and abstract light photography.


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Paintings and Photography updates now at linhardt-art.com

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Point Betsie Lighthouse is a Michigan lighthouse with accommodations. We learned of the apartment on a previous visit to the museum. When I made the reservation in August 2019, we had not idea how strange 2020 would be. Michigan opened to tourists in June so the Point Betsie Lighthouse was able to honor our reservation.

A post and photo essay can be found at the MICHIGAN  tab. For viewers, and myself, I created a tab QUICK INDEX. There you will find sections listed by interests such as Arts, Beaches, Driving Tours, Fun for Kids, Outdoors, etc. Most travel posts are based on travel in the Midwest and South – within 500 miles of Cincinnati – although some range BEYOND REGIONAL.


Recently I launch a more phone friendly web site linhardt-art.com for my paintings and photography. My painting studio is located at the  Loveland Artist Studios on Main; photography happens as I travel and when light and shadow have a story to tell. A long-time member of the Ohio Online Visual Arts Registry, in 2018 I joined the Woman’s Art Club of Cincinnati. I am maintaining this web site for blogs on art, books, and travel, primarily posted in this center section with references and links as appropriate.


“Money matters, but less than we think and not in the way that we think.

Family is important. So are friends.

Envy is toxic.  So is excessive thinking.

Beaches are optional.  Trust is not.  Neither is gratitude.”  Eric Weiner, The Geogrphy of Bliss

        As a travel writer it is my responsibility to select the best places, events, and experiences to present to you. Most travel has been on my own though some has occurred on sponsored press trips. Travel listings here will be more informal than my published articles.


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