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Foodies in Ohio’s Small College Towns

The story I proposed to the editor of Country Living (Buckeye Power’s publication) was Fun Foods in Ohio’s small college towns.  However, during research trips it became apparent that college towns have sophisticated “foodies” among their students, professors and residents AND that visitors come to town to enjoy the specialty, ethnic and “locovar” restaurants.

Read and enjoy – better yet visit and indulge! 


BONUS: There was not enough space to print the listings for the locations that I visited so I am including that information here for those who wish to do a road trip to enjoy the bounty of Ohio foods.

Athens/Ohio University


 Abrio’s Brick Oven, 859 E. State St., 740-594-8500, www.abriosbrickoven.com

 Fluff, 8 N. Court St., 740-249-4286, www.fluffbakery.com

 O’ Betty’s Red Hot! Dogs and Sausages, 15 W. State St., 740-589-6111, www.obettys.com

 Restaurant Salaam, 21 W. Washington St., 740-594-3800, www.restaurantsalaam.com

 Village Bakery & Café/Della Zona, 268/270 E. State St. 740-594-7311/2855

  Granville/Denison University


 Granville Inn, 314 East Broadway, 888-472-6855 www.granvilleinn.com

 The Buxton Inn, 313 East Broadway, 740-587-0001, www.buxtoninn.com

 Brews, 116 East Broadway, 740-587-0249, www.brewscafe.com

 Aladdin’s, 122 East Broadway, 740-920-4144

 Broadway Pub, 126 East Broadway, 740-587-0252

 Whit’s Frozen Custard, 138 East Broadway, 740-587-3620, www.whitscustard.com

Goumas’ Candyland, 238 East Broadway, 740-587-4726, www.goumascandyland.com

 Snapshots Lounge, 925 River Road, 740-321-1391, www.facebook.com/pages/Snapshots-lounge

 River Road Coffee, 935 River Road #A, 740-587-7266, www.riverroadcoffeehouse.com

The Short Story Brassiere, 923 River Road, 740-587-0281, www.theshortstoryrestaurant.com

 Marietta/Marietta College


 The Buckley House Restaurant, 332 Front St., 740-374-4400, www.bhrestaurant.com

 The Gun Room Restaurant & Riverview Lounge, Hotel Lafayette, 101 Front St. 740-373-5522, www.lafayettehotel.com

 House of Wines & Dining, 4339 State Route 60, 740-373-0996, www.houseofwines.com

 Marietta Wine Cellars, 211 Second Street, 740-373-WINE, www.mariettawinecellars.com

 Old Town Bakery, 252 Front Street, 740-373-5263, www.oldtownbakery.name

 Putnam Chocolate, 288 Front St., 740-373-9119

 Skyline Café, 114 Putnam St., 740-373-3088

 Oxford/Miami University


La Bodega, 11 W. High St., 513-523-1338, www.mubucks.com/merchants

 Kona Bistro, 31 W. High St., 513-523-0686, www.konabistro.com

 Patterson’s Café, 103 W. Spring St., 513-523-0770, www.campusmenus.com  

 Paesano’s Pasta House, 308 S. Campus Ave., 513-524-9100, www.paesanospastahouse.com

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