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Arab American National Museum – Dearborn/Detroit

Religious Diversity within a Shared Culture *

© Becky Linhardt 2011

 Multi-religious – the Arab culture whether the families were Christian, Judaic, or Islamic, has played an important role in the lives of immigrants whose families arrived in America from the world’s 22 Arabic speaking countries – names we know well such as entertainers Danny Thomas or Tony Shalhoub, auto racer Bobby Rahal, even activist Ralph Nader.

 The heritage of the famous and not so well-known Arab Americans is celebrated at the Arab American National Museum in the Dearborn area of Detroit as the exhibits focus on the contributions of Arab Americans to the United States with exhibitions and educational programs at their beautiful building on Michigan Avenue. Frequent lectures, book signings, and musical programs enliven the space throughout the year.

Permanent exhibitions highlight the origins of the ancestors who fled unrest and social repression in the Arab speaking lands that stretch from Morocco, Tunisia to Turkey around the southern rim of the Mediterranean and south into Saharan Africa (not Iran where Farsi is spoken).  Marble and tile work throughout the building evokes the common artistic culture and transports you to an “ideal” world that honors the best of the past.

 A new exhibition, now – June 2012, is Patriots & Peacemakers in Service to Our Country. The displays tell the true stories of Arab Americans in the U.S. Armed Forces, diplomatic services, and the Peace Corps – Arab Americans of different religious and ethnic backgrounds who believe in the ideals of the United States and proved it with heroic and self-sacrificing acts.

 December is an especially active month with the annual Arab Film Fest.  For 2011 the theme is Before The Spring: Alternative Arab Cinema from 2005- Today. As their web site states: “During these six years, between the first patronizing usage of this term and the recent storm of independent people-led Arab revolutionary waves that led to its reemergence in a new context, several filmmakers across Arab countries have been actively and innovatively depicting, questioning and challenging the status quo, employing a variety of approaches that ranged from analytical to highly critical and sometimes simply observational.”

 Because of the diversity of religious beliefs within the Arab culture, the AANM has developed a December program for children simply titled Frost Fest that allows all families to intermingle during craft, cookie making, games, and more. Check their web site for reknowned speakers and insightful programs throughout the year.

 Arab American National Museum

13624 Michigan Avenue, Dearborn, MI

www.arabamericanmuseum.org or 313-582-2266 www.visitdetroit.com or 800-338-7648

 * Design Inspiration

The building’s décor has exquisite tile work and the Museum Shop on the street level is filled with unique, colorful, imported accents for your home décor – to add a touch of the exotic, a gleam of brass, etc.

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