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World Peace Bell – Newport

 Let the bells ring out PEACE throughout the world

© Becky Linhardt 2012

In a heart felt wish for World Peace in the 21st century the World Peace Bell was cast and rung to open the new millennium. It is rung daily to remind us of the need for peace, a just peace. The statement from its web site is listed here – fine words but the experience is so much more.


“WHAT: The World Peace Bell™ is the world’s largest swinging bell. It weighs 66,000 lbs., is 12 feet in diameter and 12 feet high. Its clapper alone weighs an amazing 6,878 pounds. The yoke in which it swings weighs an additional 26,000 pounds. This magnificent bell rings with a powerful, awe-inspiring, deep resonant tone that is truly a majestic symbol of freedom and peace.

WHY: With the heightened awareness that peace begins at home, and in our schools, the leaders of each city, as well as the people of each city, are invited to view the bell, to touch the bell and to ring the bell for peace. Everyone is also encouraged to record their thoughts on peace in the World Peace Books that will be kept with the World Peace Bell™ for as long it rings.”

To be in the plaza and feel the bell ring at Noon or for special occasions is amazing as the deep tonal resonance fills your body and the reverberations sound through historic Newport, across the Ohio River to Cincinnati and echo throughout the Ohio River valley to remind people of the power of peace and freedom.

 There is an architectural strength to the Peace Bell Tower that combines both a protective transparency and the massive structure needed to hold the heavy weight of the bell.  Connected to the tower is a second level walkway that is accessed through a small museum, meeting space, and gallery area that support the Peace Bell mission to remind visitors of the freedoms that we enjoy here in the United States and wish for others throughout the world.

 Millennium Monument World Peace Bell: 425 York Street,Newport, KY

859-655-7700 or www.worldpeacebell.org or www.cincinnatiusa.com or www.kentuckytourism.com

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