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Nashville Songwriters – NSAI

Tin Pan South celebrates songwriters

@ Becky Linhardt 2010

 Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) fills the Music City with song year round but in early spring their Tin Pan South event focuses directly on the songwriters themselves. 

 “We all write songs but often other artists record them,” said Brian White winner of the SESAC (Society of European Stage Authors and Composers) Country Song of the Year in 2007 for “Watching You” that became a #1 Hit for Rodney Atkins.  “This event gives the audience a chance to find out who wrote the songs and often the back story, what triggered the idea or how we worked in collaboration.  It’s not like a concert.  It’s more like sitting in my living room listening in the background as we work on a tune or share favorites.”

 Tin Pan South, has developed a winning formula for the performances.  Each show has a group of four songwriters on stage at one of the local performance spaces such as The Bluebird Café, The Listening Room, or The Rutledge.  Each of the eight venues has an early and a late performance so that over 5 nights, usually there are more than 70 shows scheduled.

 “We love to hang out together so it’s not like they are twisting our arms to get us to do this,” said songwriter Brian White.  “Eliot Sloan of Blessid  Union of Souls will be in my group of four,” said White.  “We met at the Bluebird Café one night and started talking about Cincinnati.  I graduated from Lakota High School and my family still lives in the area.  Over time we found that we have more in common, especially in our music.  We selected our performance night based on his availability.  The others in our group are Matthew West (Contemporary Christian Soul) and Cary Barlowe (rock group Luna Halo) so we plan on an assortment of Pop, Soul, Country, and Rock & Roll tunes.” 

 You will find that ticket prices are very reasonable – from about $7-20 per person at the door admission prices.  If you plan to attend multiple performances, the Fast Access Pass($90 in 2010) makes it easier to move from venue to venue since Fast Access Pass holders get priority for seating.  This can be very important since many performances spaces have capacity limits that are strictly enforced.

 Over 300 songwriters participated in the 2010 Tin Pan South.  Sometimes there are also surprise bonuses.  “When they are not performing themselves, Nashville’s singers and songwriters also join the crowds to catch the shows,” said White.  “It is not unusual for someone on stage to see a friend or celebrity in the audience and invite them up on stage.  LeAnn Rimes was invited up and graciously joined in a few sets at one performance much to the delight of the audience and songwriters.  The camaraderie we share here does have extra perks.”

 Where:  Usually about eight venues in Nashville, TN. Full listing at www.tinpansouth.com by mid-March each year.

Hours: Past scheduling has had early performances begin at 6 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday; 6:30 p.m. Friday-Saturday. Late shows start at 9 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday; 9:30 p.m. Friday-Saturday.

 Event Information and ticketing: www.tinpansouth.com

NSAI Information: www.nashvillesongwriters.com or 800-321-6008

Nashville accommodations and attractions: www.visitmusiccity.com or 800-657-6910

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