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Rockmill Brewery – Lancaster

Belgian-style beers – in Ohio

©  Becky  Linhardt 2012

 Micro-breweries are changing my mind-set about beer. True I have a good German name and I was born and raised in Cincinnati where my ancestors brought home draught beer in “krulers” from the corner bar – or sent their kids to fetch it. Canned beer never appealed to me and even mass-marketed bottled beer disappointed me. Then came a big change – micro-brewed beer.

Now you can enjoy a beer-tasting at events throughout the country. Ohio’s brewing reputation is growing and one of the biggest reasons is THE WATER! “We have a scientist in the family who was able to run an analysis of the water on our farm,” said Matthew Barbee. “The minerality is almost identical to the water that the farmers in Wallonia, Belgium use to produce Saison, a farmhouse ale.” The blackhand sandstone of the Hocking River Valley acts as a filter and adds the mineral qualities that have allowed Rockmill Farms to brew, Saison and other Belgian-style beers.

In June of this year the brewery opened a Tasting Room at their Rockmill Farm just about 25 miles southeast of Columbus. It is now open on weekends. The converted barn, a refined rustic building with modern décor and big screen TV will be warm and cozy through the winter. In September the weather was warm and we opted to sit on their beautiful terrace with its view of rolling hills.

 With the friends who introduced me to this countryside attraction, we tasted “flights” of 5 brews – starting with the lightest, Witbier and finishing with the Tripel aged in a Bourbon-infused oak barrel. WOW! We had slices of savory bread between tastes. There was also a special chocolate with the Dubble, an amazing set of sensations for the taste buds.

Can’t get to Rockmill Brewery’s Tasting Room? Visit the web site for more information and a listing of the restaurants, grocery stores and emporiums that stock Rockmill Brewery’s Belgian-style, Ohio brewed beers.

Rockmill Brewery Tasting Room: Rockmill Farm, 5705 Lithopolis Road NW, Lancaster, OH

740-654-0112 or www.rockmillbrewery.com

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