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FREE – Tours of Chocolate Factory

Endangered Species Chocolate – Tours

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 Who would have thought that Indianapolis would be the home of Endangered Species Chocolate.  Such an eco-friendly business would seem more likely to be found on the East or West Coast.  However, if you are thinking locally, and fresh, you want a location that is central for quick and effective shipping.

The aroma of chocolate is the first thing you notice as you enter the company’s reception area at their production facility on the north side of Indianapolis.  Thoughtfully, the staff has placed a basket of bite size bars for visitors to sample, to relieve the craving for CHOCOLATE NOW! 

“Here we believe in our mission of changing the world though chocolate,” said our tour guide. “Each day is dedicated to a specific chocolate bar.  We can produce about 25,000 bars a day.”  Tours include the story of the founding of the company in 1993 with a mission to make the public more aware of the number of plant and animal species and a commitment to producing an all-natural product and using only ethically traded cocoa. It’s a delicious mission. 

The bars are even more delicious, especially since a recent change in January 2010 to an organic chocolate that is smoother, with a better flavor profile. Distributed throughout the United States, their premium, all-natural bars include organic chocolates with unique flavors such as: Dark Chocolate with Blueberries, Organic Mild Chocolate with Peanut Butter, and Organic Dark Chocolate with Goldenberry and Lucuma. 

Endangered Species Chocolate

5846 W. 73rd Street

Indianapolis, IN 46288

800.293.0160 select option for Customer Service and listen for option for TOURS  www.chocolatebar.com

Information about accommodations and other Indianapolis attractions: 800-323-4639 or www.indy.org

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