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Ghost Tours – Old Louisville

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 The Old Louisville neighborhood is considered to be the largest Victorian historic district in the country and one of the most desirable urban residential areas in Louisville.  Maybe that is why some of Old Louisville’s past residents have lingered – “in spirit”.  The area seems to have many ghosts from the past still here in the present.

David Domine, the author of “Ghosts of Old Louisville” (McClanahan Publishing) found that out when he purchase the Widmer House.  “When I first looked at the house several years ago, I jokingly asked the homeowner if the premises happened to have a resident spook.  Margaret, the owner, had just spent the last fourteen years in the house, and if anyone knew of an on-site ghost or spirits, she’d be the one. “Just one,” she answered seriously.  “Lucy is her name, and she won’t bother you too much … She doesn’t like it when you change things around too much though…” (pg. 37)

 When Domine did change things, “Lucy” made herself known to David and many of his friends in very interesting ways.  As a result, he began asking questions of other Old Louisville homeowners and found enough material for a book.  Interest in the book’s many ghostly stories led to the development of Ghosts of Old Louisville – The Tour.   

 Participants on the ghost tours board a small minibus to visit a variety of known haunted sites located throughout the large historic district.  Often the narrator is Domine.  “We usually have at least one reenactment,” he said.  “Maybe we’ll arrange for a ghostly sighting of the “Lady of the Stairs” on South Third Street or the cigar smoking ghost at the Conrad-Caldwell House on St. James Court.”  Whatever the route, there are plenty of ghostly stories to be enjoyed.

 Ghosts of Old Louisville – The Tour

Old Louisville Visitors Center (502) 637-2922


 For additional information about accommodations and events contact Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau by phone at (800) 626-5646 or visit their web site www.gotolouisville.com

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