If I had to describe myself with one word it would be artist - a visual artist and an artist with words. My artwork is included in Ohio Online Visual Arts Registry. I'm working with various galleries in the Midwest to promote my oil paintings and abstract light photography.


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Winter – Into Spring

Oil on Canvas: each small oil is 12″w x 12″h x 1.5″d Sold through Malton Gallery

2103 I will probably always swing from dark to light paintings and back again. Middle ground to me is mediocre. I also wanted to work even larger but the swing of my arm limits my reach on a canvas – even with the “Linhardt long arms.” My thought was to work the idea small and then move to two larger canvases – I just haven’t decided if they will be 30×30 or 36×36.

I visualize the pair next to each other – horizontal formating with the pale blue of “Winter’s” sky echoed and enhanced in the pale blue sky of “Into Spring.”  The photograph does not show the blush of pink and green in “Spring” from the powdered glass sprinkled in the treeline.

A frustration to me – photographing the canvases because the white on white and even the darker canvases have very subtle changes of color, and when I use the pearlescent powder, powdered glass, or small amount of glitter as I have done on these canvases – well, it just does not show in a photo, especially one I need to scale down to fit the column space of my web site.

Seen in person the paintings garner praise, even from people who usually like very realistic scenes. I was allowed to submit small works in conjuction with the OH+5 2013 exhibition and these  studies are generating a lot of good attention in the Dairy Barn Arts Center’s Gift Shop.

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