If I had to describe myself with one word it would be artist - a visual artist and an artist with words. My artwork is included in Ohio Online Visual Arts Registry. I'm working with various galleries in the Midwest to promote my oil paintings and abstract light photography.


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Moonlight – Study 1


Oil on Canvas: 12″w x 24″h x .75″ d                      NFS

2013 This was completed as a study for a larger canvas. As with past ideas, I have been thinking about this one for a long time. I have worked with the metallic silver paint and grays on “Fog – Incoming Tide”, “Firebirds”, and “Hope”.  I wasn’t sure how it would react with opaque color and if I wanted dark blue or purple for the moonlit night. I am fond of both colors when they are deep and rich as the night sky – which is never really black. I am pleased with how the purple and silver interacted to show what I consider to be the essence of moonlight – its reflection.  The moon is unseen but we know it is there because we see the reflection on the water. On a bright full moon night, the stars and planets have difficulty competing with the light of the moon but I put one bright star just above the horizon.

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