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Hanging Artwork – part II

Making Changes with a Shift in  Artwork

© Becky Linhardt 2013


White walls can be a blessing especially when you are an artist and need to change out paintings or photographs as art work is accepted for exhibitions or items are sold. The above BEFORE image shows the “sofa wall” of my home. I was not unhappy with the placement or the art that I had hanging on the wall. However, I needed space for a new painting and some of my favorite photographs had returned from exhibitions.


 What you may notice in both BEFORE and AFTER photos is the way that in each arrangement, the center point is not in the center of the wall. The furniture is not in measured balance but in visual balance – in part that has influenced the way I have decided to hang the artwork.

In the BEFORE arrangement, the right and left sides of the loveseat define the edge of the central focus where there are two same height but different width paintings. A large painting placed to the left of the narrow width painting helped to balance the visual weight of the lamp and table to the right.

 When I moved the artwork for the AFTER arrangement the center seam of the loveseat helped me create the strong balance in the second arrangement using the two photographs just above the loveseat. I knew that the 4-foot wide painting would be centered and higher but did not know how high until I had the two photographs in place. Then I figured out how to space the painting above the photos. This time I decided to hang more items to the right of the loveseat. That decision meant a shift of other artwork throughout my home, a freshening of the other spaces. A large painting is on the left again but because of the “busy” visuals on the right, I added a small photo below the large painting.

 After years of curating and installing art exhibitions making such changes no longer intimidates me.  I take a long time to consider what artwork I want to place and where my focal balance will be. It may be days or weeks before I actually get out the hammer and nails. Give yourself time to visualize the balance that you want.

Sometimes I end up with a temporary “place holder” such as the 3 inch “horse brass” on the far right below the fused glass disk. I really want another, smaller glass disk about 4-5” in diameter and probably in red. I haven’t found the right item yet. I am having fun watching for it to appear and if it doesn’t then I may decide to take a fused glass class to make it – and maybe some gifts for friends and family.

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