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Little Loomhouse – Louisville, KY

Little Loomhouse: Weavers Haven

© Becky Linhardt 2010

 “We tolerate spiders around here,” said Sally Moss, Executive Director of the Little Loomhouse in Louisville, Kentucky.  “After all, spiders are spinners and weavers, too.”  I never noticed any spiders as I examined the many spinning wheels, looms and hand-woven textiles in the 3 cottages that are part of the property that was once owned by Lou Tate, a master weaver who inspired so many Kentucky weavers.

The board and batten buildings, now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, have distinct Arts & Crafts details and at one time were part of an artists’ colony before becoming a weaving center during Lou Tate’s residence from 1939-79. Window styles, fireplaces, wood floors and beams all have handcrafted designs that make them unique. 

 Those who love traditional folk art will find that the complex is a great destination for source information and instruction.  Run by the Lou Tate Foundation, the Little Loomhouse is dedicated to preserving the buildings, conserving textiles and weaving patterns as well as education in textile arts of all types but with an emphasis on weaving.  Their library contains many out of print books and books and papers of the Hobby Weavers of the Ohio Valley from the 1930-80s, an important resource for researchers. 

 Lessons in weaving are offered through regular programs.  It might be as simple as weaving a coaster/“mug rug” during your visit to the studio or scheduling a class, seminar, or planning a special project.  “We helped one guy who wanted to weave some McLeod tartan as a sash over his wedding tuxedo and another piece for his wife,” said Moss.  “An experience weaver helped set-up the loom for the twill/tartan weave and he wove the fabric.  We also have period re-enactors who weave traditional fabrics for their costumes.”

 The Little Loomhouse volunteers can help with textile research for those costumes.  The foundation’s collection includes many sample pieces of textiles from Lou Tate’s research of 19th century American hand-woven textiles, as well as threading drafts that provided directions for the various patterns used by home weavers. 

 Wandering through the shop I found a table runner in a blue-gray and melon stripe that I knew was perfect for my mother, a small frame loom for weaving placemats, and books.  Intermixed with new books are older books on textiles.  Many are real treasures, out of print books donated to the library are that are identified as duplicates and sold in the shop.

 The Little Loomhouse, 328 Kenwood Hill Road, Louisville, KY 40214

Information: 502-367-4792 or www.littleloomhouse.org

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