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Inspirations for Home Design


HOME DESIGN 101: Beware!

HOME DESIGN 101: Think Ahead

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 Design systems/ideas to consider

Eastern – A lot of articles have been written about Feng Shui energies, an oriental design system that is based on common sense use of structures (and some superstitions) in a time of agricultural societies.  Reading such a book will make you question those ideas and your own. It’s great for evaluating your own design ideas and observations, and evaluating your own needs.

 Western – The famous 20th century architect Le Corbusier developed an elaborate system of proportions for building based on an average human height so that a ceiling would be the height of the person’s up-stretched arm, etc.  However, that upward reach of a 5”4” woman and a 6’2” man living in the same building or house is quite different.  He also broke his own rules to achieve dramatic effects. 

Current USA standard counter height at 29” or 30” in baths; 36”in kitchen – is that comfortable for you.

 Basics of natural science

Basic science says that water will flow downhill so placing a house at the bottom of a hill near a water flow should be taken into consideration in any home construction.  Likewise, a driveway that slopes into a garage beneath the house must have a good drain and that drain must be checked and maintained or during a heavy rain water will back up into the garage and flow into the lower level (often NOT covered by insurance).

 Design – DUH?

 The following are some recent trends I have noticed in residential design that I question.  Everyone has their own opinions and tolerance levels. These are just some things to think about.

I will add to this list since I am continually amazed by questionable design elements in new homes.

 Laundry Rooms

Fact: Laundry rooms involve water and water flows down.  What room is below the washer?

Fact: Humidity is usually high when laundry is being processed. What other rooms will this effect?

Fact: Clothing will need to be collected and sorted. Where?

I recently viewed an apartment that had a closet for a stackable washer/dryer – it opened directly into the living room – Duh?  Sorting clothes on the sofa? Unexpected guests arrive?

Then there is a pet peeve of mine – the hallway laundry connecting kitchen to garage: laundry basket on the floor blocks entry and exit, no place to hang clothes, dirt from garage or outside activities – ugh!  IF you have a choice, please avoid this one.

 Walk-in Closets opening into a bathroom

Fact: Bathing or showering produces humidity no matter how good the exhaust fan. 

Fact: Clothing absorbs humidity.

IF the closet door opens only into the bath, then the humidity is going to get into your clothes – mildew anyone?

 Water closets – doors enclosing toilets

Fact: Some people are claustrophobic and won’t close it anyway and doors cost extra – ALWAYS!

Fact: If a person becomes ill and falls against the closed door, pray that it opens outward not in or the person’s body may block the door.

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