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Museum of Miniature Houses – Carmel

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  “The Large Tudor House has a connection to the Cincinnati area,” said co-founder Suzanne Landshof.  “One of our founders, Nancy Lesh, lived in Saylor Park as a young girl.  She decided to recreate her childhood home on Gracely Drive.  The house has been built from scratch.” 

 The details in this miniature house are amazing.  Wall art and photos were photographed and reduced, including a photo of an old beau that sits on her bedside table.  Some items were purchased and then customized but most were made from scratch, such as a replica of a sweet potato rooting in a jar of water, her mom’s nail file, and her dad’s suspenders and blue pin-strip suit.  The Tudor House is one of only a few in the United States that captures a moment in time in the 1940s.  At 950 hours of work, Mrs. Lesh stopped counting.  It was a labor of love and art.

 The Museum of Miniature Houses, founded in 1991, has been at its present location in downtown Carmel since 1993.  It was founded by three Indiana artisans who wished to preserve and share the art of display scale miniatures and antique dollhouses with others. 

 “Many of our collections are assembled or created by men,” said Landshof.  “One is the collection of a retired colonel. More than 300 years of military service uniforms are represented – all painstakingly detailed by hand.” 

 About one third of the visitors to the museum are children and most of the displays are behind Plexiglas so a special “dollhouse for play” is available for kids and adults to experience the fun of moving furniture and characters around and to help them think in terms of architectural scale.  There is also a gift shop where you can purchase items for your own creations.

 “We are starting to promote the museum as Fine Art in Miniature,” said Landshof.  “The miniature paintings, fine silverwork and delicately hand-painted porcelain available today are truly works of art, many by men, and artisans are customizing their own pieces for the miniature houses.” She sees more east and west coast artists creating miniatures of contemporary life such as the Italian wine-tasting vignette she is working on now. 

 The museums location is now within the Carmel Arts & Design District that has been growing around it.  Galleries, shops, and restaurants line Main Street.  Favorite eateries in Carmel are Bubs Burgers and Ice Cream or Bazbeaux Pizza on Main Street where it intersects with the Monon Hike-Bike Trail that connects Carmel to downtown Indianapolis. 

 The Museum of Miniature Houses – 111 East Main, Carmel, IN 46032

Information: 317-575-9466 or www.museumofminiatures.org

Area Information:  800-776-8687 or www.hamiltoncountytowns.com

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