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Blennerhasset Island – Wild and Wonderful

There is something so special about islands, especially islands that must be reached by ferry – passenger ferry only.  I have written two stories about Blennerhasset Island.  This link will take you to the most recent, in the spring/summer issue of Long Weekends 2011.  What a beautiful place to watch for wildlife, to walk or take a ride in a horse drawm vehicle around the meadow loop, and well worth the time to visit the mansion to learn about the intriguing history and romance of the Blennerhassets in the early 1800s.



Historic Island by Candlelight

Each year the volunteers at Blennerhasset Island State Park provide visitors with a special weekend treat by opening the mansion and park in the evening so that you can view the mansion by candlelight – on a grand scale.  A party scene is created with musical entertainment and costumed characters re-enacting a gathering typical of the early 19th century.  This link will take you to the Over the Back Fence web site.  The article I wrote about the event and the historic state park starts on page 16, so turn the pages and you should find it.  (NOTE: 5/2011 – There seems to be some web site problems so I may be posting the story here if I can receive permission)


There are still plenty of mysteries to solve, possible ghosts to encounter, and acres and acres of parkland to explore on this island in the Ohio River that can be accessed only via a passenger ferry.

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