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Design Investments: Displaying Children’s Art

Image: Clear push pins were used to hang clear acrylic sign holders from an office supply store.  Pictures drawn on 8 1/2 x 11 paper slip in and out easily to show of the “Latest and Greatest.”

DisPLAYing Children’s Art

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Children’s art can be so wonderfully exuberant and a great addition to any home.  You want to encourage the child’s creativity and it seems as though every week there is a new work of art that is now the child’s favorite and is usually presented to the parents just as they are making dinner or completed while visiting the grandparent’s.    Posting it on the refrigerator door just happens.

Being prepared

To be ready to display this new masterpiece, you might want to consider hanging a large bulletin board in the child’s room, in a hallway that is used by the family, or in an area of the kitchen or family room. Just like a teacher you can decorate the board seasonally or place sheets of colored art paper (20” by 26” sheet cost about $2 at Michael’s) or a solid color wrapping paper in a color to match the room’s décor.  Why have the boring cork color when your princess can have a glossy hot pink to match her room.  When the child gives you the newest creation you have a place to post it.

An acrylic alternative

Another idea is to purchase a set of acrylic sign holders from an office supply store.  Made to hold an 8 ½ by 11 inch sheet of standard paper, they are made in vertical and horizontal formats (usually about $5-7 at Office Depot).  Three sides are open so it is easy to slip in the newest artwork.  The holders have precut holes for hanging and are so lightweight that I have used clear push pins on plasterboard walls but small nails or cup hooks would work also.  These holders are perfect as the child moves to computer generated art or as they earn certificates and win awards.

Framing ideas

Consider purchasing an easy to reuse poster frame (about $10-15 for 16” by 20” at a craft store such as Michael’s).  Buy it large enough to have space around most artwork.  Find an art paper to match the room’s colors, or basic black as a background.  Using Scotch 109 Poster tape (Office Depot) you can apply the tape to each corner of the newest drawing and position it so that the color paper behind it acts as a mat.  The poster tape is generally easy to remove so that the color background can be reused multiple times.

Saving their treasures

Remember to save some of the best creations in archival boxes or a portfolio. Children grow up so fast and a portfolio of stored artwork is a great reference to those times past for you as a parent and your child as an adult.

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