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Design Investments: Collections


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 We all collect things.  Maybe we started out collecting rocks or seashells as children; beer steins, books, sports memorabilia, Santa or Snowmen Christmas decorations, family photographs, etc. as adults.  Sometimes other people start your collection for you as happened with friends of mine who started feeding squirrels in their German Village back yard.  I found a concrete squirrel for their garden as a sort of joke and they thought it was great fun.  Then other friends started giving them squirrel figurines, squirrel nutcrackers, squirrel salt & pepper shakers, even squirrel Christmas ornaments – they had a collection.  They enjoy and display the squirrel items but recently they politely asked their friends NOT to add to the squirrel collection as it had outgrown available display space. 

Size matters – how big; how many

Once you have realized that you have a collection, you need to decide how to deal with the collection. 

Questions to ask yourself or the collector in the family:

How many and how large are the objects in the current collection?

Will the collector be adding more – beer steins, Hummel figurines, seashells, NASCAR souvenirs, soccer trophies, ballet slippers, movie memorabilia, etc.?

Where is the appropriate space to place the collection?

It is important to negotiate where a collection will be displayed with those sharing space with you.  Consider developing a plan to rotate items – some on display, some in storage – to refresh the visual and emotional impact of seeing old favorites again.

Options for displaying collections

IF the whole family shares in the soccer or BMX experience then maybe having the trophies displayed on shelves in a family room is appropriate.

IF one of the family’s dancers has collected ballet or toe shoes from special performances, maybe you can find a way to display them hanging from a series of coat hooks on the wall of her/his room.

Sometimes the collection makes a bigger impact if concentrated in one area.  Sometimes pieces are shown to their best advantage by being placed throughout the living space individually or in small groupings – my choice for dealing with the many glass paperweights I have collected over the years.

There are as many ways to display collections as there are people collecting.  Remember, the goal is to enjoy your collection and share that enjoyment with others who can appreciate it.

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